• Field service

    After years of development, we have made remarkable achievements in the market, products widely used in various fields: printed line PCB, FPC flexible circuit board, hard and soft combined board, pcba, electronic stack layer bus, rail transportation equip

  • Clients

    Company with leading technology strength and perfect management system, for the global more than well-known PCB / FPC line panel makers, PCBA manufacturers, railway equipment manufacturers, new energy automotive, communications, electronics, ...

  • Delivery commitment

    Shenzhen Ruichang City Star Technology Co., Ltd. product range, stock abundance, we locate to the "high-quality, variety, good service", will strive to provide customers provide first-class products and services, to provide you with no time lag effects of

  • Quality assurance

    The quality is good, it is a responsibility! Zero defect constant pursuit of quality is our unshirkable responsibility! The universal quality management concept, the common pursuit of excellent quality, high-quality products to meet customer needs! Ruich

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