System management system
In 2010, the company in accordance with the new regulations, comprehensive combing and review of the safety regulations of the original, a total revision of the 8 system, 6 new system. Will safety responsibility to implement, to achieve layers of someone tube, everything has one tube, and require departments and process of production safety management safety signed letters of commitment, the company for the first time commitments to strengthen production safety management.
In 2013, the Ruichang star technology actively into the "occupation health and safety system". Every year on a regular basis site occupation hazards evaluation, safety evaluation and health examination for employees. Through the above safety rectification effectively reduces the production of various types of security incidents, effectively protect the orderly operation of the company.
safety training
Let the staff to strengthen safety awareness in all kinds of training, improve the safety quality, is one of the important ways to prevent the safety of Ruichang star technology. In 2011, Ruichang star technology will state "fire", "occupational disease prevention law" and "production safety accident emergency plan management measures" preparation of training materials, on the full organized training sessions.
Strengthening safety training for special jobs, organize two games a total of 6 special training to the security personnel, outside the special training of fire control room personnel organization 5. Of special equipment and forklift use staff organized two special training, certificates, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the state and local government departments.