• The concept of responsibility

    As a national industry participants and promoters, the survival and development of Ruichang Star Technology Acceptance to benefit customers and society, and constantly improve their competitiveness. Competition exists not only in products, technology, qua

  • go green

    Ruichang star technology has been concerned about the environmental protection and clean production, always adhere to the sustainable development of man and nature, man and society, in the actual production and actively implement the environmental protect

  • ehs

    In 2010, the company in accordance with the new regulations, comprehensive combing and review of the safety regulations of the original, a total revision of the 8 system, 6 new system. The security responsibilities to the people, realize the layers of one

  • Care and love the employee

    Since the founding of the company, we according to the law to formulate relevant personnel system, promptly signed labor contracts with employees, timely payment of wages. Conscientiously implement the "safety production law" and "occupational disease pr...

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