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Blue tape | factory circuit board blue tape with circuit board

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Blue tape | factory circuit board blue tape with circuit board
The overview:
Circuit board with blue tape | factory circuit board blue tape can be called the pet blue tape, pet green heat tape, blue transparent PET tape, high temperature shielding pet transparent PET tape printing tape, blue tape plating line in blue tape, PVC blue tape plating, PCB plating blue gum with excellent resistance to high temperature, electrical insulation, chemical resistance, with high viscosity focus, soft docile and tore the from without leaving any residue characteristics. Suitable for electroplated, ultra high temperature paint and powder coating industry.
The characteristics of the:
The surface is soft PVC film, coated weatherproof rubber glue, moderate viscosity, good weather resistance. Suitable for the surface protection of PCB or metal and plastic, and prevent pollution of surface wear process, delivery etc..
The basic parameters:
Thickness: 0.10mm
Coating thickness: 0.025mm
Temperature: 40-70 degrees
The storage items:
1, under normal temperature storage, avoid high temperature and humidity;
2, the storage time for half a year.