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Red tape for circuit board

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Red tape for circuit board
The overview:
Supplier: Shenzhen Ruichang City Star Technology Co., Ltd.
Name: red tape
Model: RC-006-006
Total thickness: 0.20mm
Color: Red
Circuit board with red tape applicable to the computer chassis, communications cabinets and other products of high temperature spray, paint masking; specifically for varistors, ceramic capacitors, metallized capacitors and other electronic components production in the process of resistance temperature process. Can also be used in the automobile industry, paint spraying, circuit board soldering high temperature shielding. Product width can be cut according to customer needs, also can according to customer needs products die-cutting, specifications and shapes according to customer drawings production
The specifications:
Length: 33m (customizable length)
Thickness: 0.20mm/0.22mm
Width: 980mm (slitting)
Shape: usually roll of cutting processing into all kinds of special shape specifications according to customer requirements.
We pay attention to matters:
1, when using, should pay attention to the surface material is pasted with no oil, powder, dust, or other release agent.
2, the use of adhesive tape on substrates containing plasticizers, performance should be paid attention to when using detection.
3, stored in 5-25 C, 65% relative humidity and dry environment; avoid direct sunlight and high temperature (40 DEG C) and high humidity (75%RH) under the environment of place;
4, storage period: 6 months from the date of receipt of the customer.