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Teflon PTFE Teflon tank | tank | spare parts supply

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Teflon PTFE Teflon tank | tank | spare parts supply
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Shenzhen Ruichang City Star Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, specializing in R & D and production of PCB, pcba, FPC, stack layer bus, Teflon tape, adhesive industry of new materials, and the brand of materials distribution agent. Please consult our hotline: 0755-86372663 0755-85257585 mobile phone: 13682650425 we have the most professional service of the pre-sale customer service for you, also can directly log on to our website: www.reechas.com
(1) high temperature, long-term use temperature of 200 to 260 degrees, low temperature resistance in -100 degrees is still soft;
(2) corrosion - ability of aqua regia and all organic solvent; (3) the weather - the aging of plastics in the best life; (4) with a high lubrication with plastics in the minimum coefficient of friction (0.04); (5) is not sticky with solid materials in minimum surface tension and adhesion of any substance; (6) no poison - has physiological inertia; (7) have excellent electrical performance, is the ideal class C insulation. Zero Teflon tank | polytetrafluoroethylene tank | Teflon fittings has high temperature resistant (25 degrees) and low temperature resistance (54), corrosion resistance, high insulation, anti-aging etc. advantages. Widely used in electronics, aviation, aerospace and other fields