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Teflon valve flange gasket Teflon pad | | Teflon gasket

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Teflon valve flange gasket Teflon pad | | Teflon gasket
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Teflon valve pad | Teflon gasket flange | Teflon gasket appearance of pure white seal, resistance to high and low temperature: temperature - 200 degrees Celsius to + 250 DEG C.
Corrosion resistance: resistance to acid, alkali, aqua regia, and a variety of organic solvents, and no dissolution, adsorption and precipitation phenomena, anti pollution: metal blank value is low.
Insulation: affected by environment and frequency, low dielectric loss, high breakdown voltage, ageing resistance, radiation resistance and low permeability.
Self lubrication: the friction coefficient is the smallest plastic surface, not sticky: a minimum surface energy of solid materials.
The mechanical properties of the soft, with very low surface energy, no poison: physical inertia