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Teflon sleeve sleeve |Teflon

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Teflon sleeve sleeve |Teflon
The overview:
Teflon sleeve by PTFE PTFE Teflon or modified PTFE processing, its characteristics is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, no oil low coefficient of friction. PTFE products added a certain amount of filler and some characteristics of PTFE is improved on the basis of the original, especially abrasion resistance, heat conductivity, anti waxy variable, self lubrication, etc. than pure Polytetrafluoethylene products has obviously improved. Applicable to -180 ~ +300 the temperature range of the thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, no lubricating, damping seal lubrication antiwear conductive piece. PTFE sleeve can be resistant to high temperature glass fiber teflon sleeve, carbon fiber PTFE sleeve changed, wear fine copper powder PTFE sleeve, self-lubricating PTFE graphite sleeve, MoS2, PTFE sleeve, POM sleeve, nylon sleeve; change of PTFE sleeve improve material wear characteristics and compressive properties. With wide temperature range, good abrasion resistance, excellent chemical stability, good oil resistance, low friction coefficient and aging performance characteristics. Modified PTFE sleeve applicable to the combination seal, retaining rings, gaskets, with guide, dustproof circle and other products of manufacturing, alternative metal such as copper, aluminum, etc., for non oil lubricating device. PTFE is being developed for the needs of national defense and cutting-edge technology, and then gradually extended to civilian. Its use involves aerospace, petroleum chemical industry, machinery, electronics, construction, textile and other industrial sectors, improve the level of production technology indispensable material of modern science and technology, military and civilian many key technologies and solutions.