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Teflon PTFE joint joint | wholesale

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Teflon PTFE joint joint | wholesale
The overview:
PTFE is known "the king of plastic", Roy Plunkett, the father of fluorine resin, 1936 in the United States DuPont began to study of Freon substitutes, they collected part of tetrafluoroethylene stored in cylinders, in preparation for the second day of the next step of experiment, but when the next day open cylinder pressure relief valve, but no gas overflow, they thought it was a leak, but weighing cylinder, cylinder and didn't lose weight. They saw a cylinder, found a lot of white powder, which is ptfe.
PTFE joint Ruichang Star Technology Co., Ltd. by the processing of Shenzhen City, Shenzhen Ruichang City Star Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, focusing on R & D and production of PCB, pcba, FPC, stack layer bus, Teflon tape, adhesive industry of new materials and brand of materials agent distribution. Current distribution of Teflon material, but also clean processing workshops and Teflon processing equipment, and could provide a Teflon material cutting machining service for you.