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Circuit board glue film resistance

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Circuit board glue film resistance
The overview:
Ruichang resistance star glue from the film is a high performance resistant high temperature resin barrier from the film for circuit board pressing process, the specialized process design, used for blocking overflow resin buried hole and blind hole multiple laminating process, has good resistance glue, hole filling effect.
The pressing process advantage
1 reduce resin pollution
The pressing process of the circuit board, plastic film resistance to ensure the internal filling resin into the through hole from the extrusion hole, but due to the elimination of two resin for extrusion processing, improve quality and improve efficiency.
The 2 hole is filled with good performance
From the film resistance glue has good barrier function, Jack, the liquid resin is fully used to fill the hole.
3 with resin extrusion function
And I our other from the film similar, resistance glue from the film also has a resin extrusion function, provide superior copper foil surface acting as a buffer for the damage of the steel plate.
4 laminated pressure equilibrium distribution
If the resistance rubber stripping membrane system in high temperature while using our pressing pad, can ensure complete filling of the hole and to the dielectric thickness control. In high temperature and high pressure cushion can eliminate gas hole and slippage between layers and the angle edge phenomenon, also can reduce the pattern and glass fiber is transferred to the surface, and reduce low film the blisters occur possibility.
The functional properties
The resistance from the film adhesive used in the design of blind hole through the resin flow control (into the copper layer adjacent), and can fill
Buried hole filling
The resistance glue film with excellent performance, can be used in hydraulic systems and hydraulic vacuum assisted
We are operating in the laminated film temperature limits, plastic film resistance to all resin are effective
But over the years the product has been widely recognized
The multiple design level, to meet the multi-level pressing process requirements
The various specifications of high temperature pressure pad for use at the same time, to meet the requirements of different Multilayer PCB technology
The operating temperature can reach 220 DEG C
If the product is inert and did not affect the release of gas, no residue and attached to the surface of the vacuum system without pollution
The environmental protection, harmless to the environment, no chromium chemicals and halogen compounds
The other laminated products
Ruichang star technology also supply all kinds of high temperature from the film, three synthetic filled from the film, aluminum from the film, resistance temperature of 300 DEG C from the type material, Jack from the film, FEP film, PTFE Teflon high temperature from the film, TPX from the film, imported from the film, high temperature pressure combined pad, hot pressing cushion, resistance rubber pad block, rubber gaskets, etc. series of products, for customers to provide one-stop laminated solutions.