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Circuit board with high temperature resistant film | resistant circuit board pro

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The PCB circuit board with high temperature for environmental protection from the film from the film, FPC soft board
The overview:
Thickness: 20--150 UM
Width: 0 - 1500 MM
Arbitrary length:
Temperature: 200 degrees Celsius
Circuit board high temperature resistant film RCX-RF series is a kind of high temperature resistant film, can be used for rigid and flexible circuit board production. This film by patent technology, with strict quality control, and after curing, high temperature resistance, the characteristics of good effect, no pollution and the pressing process.
From the film can roll and custom size sheet supply, meet customer requirements.
The pressing process advantage
High temperature resistant film provides the driving laminated part reaches desired and moderately dense laminated liquid pressure of the crowd, it can eliminate the air into the bottom layer between the circuit board and protection.
The performance characteristics
- for out of rigid and flexible circuit board section, HDI board, FPC board, flex plate etc.
- Color: white, matte, transparent etc.
And from the surface has two sides or one side release film, no environmental pollution
- high temperature 200 - 5 DEG C
And the surface is smooth, forming excellent performance, easy peeling, easy operation
- thickness: 25UM, 27UM, 30UM, 32UM, 36UM, 50UM etc.
RCX-RF release film does not release gas, without affecting the cementing layer does not exist between the plate chip, no vacuum system, pollution, does not affect the surface quality of circuit board
And harmless to the environment: do not contain ozone depleting substances, non halogen elements, comply with the new requirements of the EU ROHS