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[original] environmental protection without direct supply of silicon film, high

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No environmental protection high temperature resistant film silicon
The overview:
The film is a high performance, environmental protection, no silicon film, the substrate is modified by high temperature film, silicone free from special treatment agent surface after curing made. It has no environmental protection silicone, no residue, superior resistant thermal and chemical stability and release capability, widely applied in the field of printed circuit board (PCB, FPC flexible circuit board, gum, die-cutting, adhesive tape, electronic and electrical, printing and packaging, pharmaceutical and other.
It features / benefits:
No, Si, environmental protection, no residue, no pollution
- easy to peel, from the type of excellent performance
Good heat resistance and stability
La high strength, no fold
The specifications:
Thickness: 25-150 - UM
Width: 0-1300 - MM
- Color: matte or transparent
Resistance temperature: 195 degrees (depending on the application)
The other:
Can provide roll film, also can according to customer needs, provide the slices service, customers do not need to slice, can save a lot of machines, artificial, power and waste cost.