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The high performance membrane peeling

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The United States imported high performance molding stripping film PLUS
The overview:
The pressing process for flexible circuit
Plus is a molding strip (from the type, resistance glue, cover type has a function), plus the specially designed, as one of the main components of the system for flexible printed circuit production (hard substrate, protective layer and the rigid - flexible layer). Plus provides the standard and predictability for the flexible lamination process, and has real advantages.
The pressing process advantage:
The 1 protective layer of dense uniform
PLUS provides a moderate and micro applied liquid pressure driven laminated components needed to achieve the compact laminate. It reflects the element pattern between, to eliminate air into the protective layer at the bottom of the circuit board, and circuit board to ensure excellent adhesion between the side wall.
2 reduce the mechanical deformation
PLUS in the surrounding "pressing parts of the lock, thereby reducing the deformation caused by heat and pressure. Also with the paper pad matched with the pressing method, the buffer performance is more excellent.
3 glue flow control
PLUS can effectively prevent acrylic acid or epoxy resin into the drilled or punched hole, even in the rigid - flexible joint surface is also true.
4 quick and easy peeling
PLUS both sides provided a quick and easy peeling clean.
5 reduced pressure laminating
PLUS system is composed of PLUS forming a peeling layer and pressing cushion composed of the surface at the same time, a balanced distribution of pressure plate to make the pressure along the Z axis direction effect. The pressure pad with pressure equalization, so the high and low pressure area and equal pressure, thus reducing the pressure pressure.
The functional properties:
Both sides can peel.
* along the X-Y axis movement is quite small.
Very smooth surface, smooth, with excellent formability.
* operating temperature up to 400 DEG F/ to 204 DEG C.
It eliminates the transfer of fiber pattern to a protective layer.
Very clean, inert, do not release pollution or solvent, not harmful to the vacuum system.
By environmental protection, does not contain ozone depleting substances or halogen free, suitable for incineration or landfill disposal as.
Since 1986. Its performance has been recognized by the world.
The supply capacity:
You can customize the size of the supply in the form of specifications to meet customer requirements.
The flexible and rigid - flexible circuit board
Processing board
Isolation of stainless steel plate
PADS press pad *
Multilayer panels
PADS press pad *
Isolation of stainless steel plate
Processing board