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PTFE film
The PTFE film overview:
PTFE membrane academic said: PTFE Chinese commodity name teflon film, Teflon Teflon to leave from the film, special Fulong from membrane type, fluorine Thai dragon from the film. It is by tetrafluoroethylene by polymerization of polymers, has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, is one of the world's resistant to corrosion performance of one of the best materials
Teflon PTFE is a high-performance Teflon polymer films, the product by ultrafine and pure PTFE resin as raw material, molded into non stress / no blank space. Then the advanced computer control cutting equipment made. Production and agents of all types of Teflon films such as PTFE, FEP, ETF, PFA, ECTFE, PVDF, PMP, containing fluorine polymer casting film Mr, VB, DF100 and so on. After pressing and no pollution, suitable for applications requiring high cleanliness. Except for high temperature performance, chemical stability and electrical performance and other aspects of performance excellence, but also has non stick attached, blockage adhesive sealing and low friction characteristics, commonly used on the release from the type material and so on, in the aerospace, printed circuit boards, flexible circuit board, electronic and electrical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields has been widely used.
The PTFE film features / benefits:
- excellent release properties
In particular, uniform thickness
Low friction coefficient
The chemical properties and stability
- excellent high / low temperature characteristics
With certain resistance glue, cover type function
Insulation performance is good
High temperature of deflection and deflection of life
Electronic grade purity
High dielectric strength
And the lowest dielectric constant
The performance data from PTFE type membrane:
general properties
numerical value
Area yield
Water absorption rate