The circuit board three in one film

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Three in one filled from the film
[three] a factory direct supply from the film, three high temperature one from the film, the three in one block from the film, plastic film, covering three in one type three in one cover type resistance film, the three in one film price
The overview:
The RCX-TO series is a three a high temperature resistant filler from the film, combine the rigid and flexible circuit board design, hardware and software. The three one from the film layer by high temperature from the film, the middle layer is a composite buffer film, through proprietary technology, and with the strict quality control process is made. With high temperature, filling, from the characteristics of good coating effect is good, widely used in circuit board filled cladding type high requirements.
The pressing process advantage:
Triple A from the membrane from layer under high temperature plays the role of insulating board production, and intermediate buffer film to effectively fill the role of the red, the multilayer board, rigid flex printed circuit board and the gap between the level of larger circuit board to effectively pressure effect and prevent delamination and blister defects. Our triple a high temperature from the intermediate buffer membrane type thin film and away from the edge of the film type fixed, can prevent pressing process of Cuoceng skateboarding problems, compared with the single operation, save the a lot of operating time, improve work efficiency, at the same time, our products can effectively solve the market in other brands on the side of the excess glue, glue leakage problems, to enhance the bonding quality of the products, greatly reduce the cost of cleaning, improves the production efficiency.
The performance data:
And the upper and lower film thickness: (25 m-50 m) +/-2 m (transparent / matte release film selection)
- intermediate buffer film thickness: (100 M-300 m) +/-10 m (according to different pressing condition)
The three one from the film length and width dimensions according to the customer request processing
- high temperature 200 - 5 DEG C (depending on the application specific)
And the surface is smooth, with good effect, cover outstanding performance, easy peeling and easy operation
- pressing process is clean and no pollution, comply with the new requirements of the EU ROHS