Circuit board paper pressing cushion

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Circuit board paper pressing cushion
The overview:
The paper pressing cushion a unique fiber paper pressure pad, can satisfy the flex plate, metal base circuit board, rigid multilayer board, circuit board manufacturing special performance requirements. It is used in pure paper fiber, so as to ensure its entire product has the characteristics of low density and uniform. The cushion can accurately control the heat transfer and the equilibrium pressure timely plate surface pressure, and has uniform thickness, moderate hardness, pure no impurities, uniform buffer, heat transfer equilibrium characteristics.
The pressing process advantage:
When using the heating can judge and repeatedly, because the product has uniform paper fiber, the density distribution is uniform, with uniform thickness and weight.
When using pressure balanced, can eliminate the gap, the inner materials of slip and other undesirable phenomena.
The use of the process can improve the resin glue and void filling flow control effect, has covered type, good cushioning effect.
The functional properties:
The thickness range: 0.2-2.0mm, a variety of specifications, can be customized according to customer thickness.
Over the years, its performance has been recognized by the majority of circuit board factory.
Good heat resistance, using temperature can reach 240 DEG C (depending on the application).
White, smooth surface, uniform thickness.
Heat transfer, uniform pressure balanced buffer.
Compensation of abnormal pressure, to ensure a consistent and balanced pressure stratification process
The moisture content is extremely low, thereby reducing the accumulation in the moisture in the vacuum system.
Fiber distribution, can achieve the ideal heating rate and pressure equilibrium.
Low dust and pollution.
Can be used to replace multilayer kraft paper, reduce labor costs, improve product quality
Does not contain synthetic resin and fillers, solvent free of harmful substances, tasteless, in line with the EU ROHS environmental protection standard, harmless to the environment.
The other explanation:
The thickness of 0.2-2.0mm, can be customized according to customer requirements of different cushion thickness, length and width of cut according to customer demand, can also according to customer requirements PIN hole.