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There are alternative pacopads bonding pad material? What is it?

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There are alternative pacopads bonding pad material? What is it?
Pacopads pressure pad is line pressure pad specifically for improving composite rigid multilayer flexible printed circuit board. They have two main functions: surface pressure precise control of heat input and apply equally to the panel.
From a technical perspective, there is no independent production to completely replace the pacopads bonding pad manufacturers, but also to some similar products and pacopads bonding pad characteristics.
Ruichang star of the production technology of the paper pressed cushion is a domestic pressure cushion material substitution pacopads, instead of PACOPADS pressure pad is by Ruichang star science and technology R & D and production of a paper fiber pressing cushion, can meet the requirements of the soft and hard combined with plate, metal base circuit board, rigid multilayer PCB, FPC flexible circuit board, special circuit board manufacturing performance. It is used in pure homogeneous paper fiber, so as to ensure the product has the characteristics of low density and uniform. The pressure cushion, can accurately control the heat transfer and the equilibrium pressure timely plate surface pressure, and has uniform thickness, moderate hardness, pure no impurities, good buffering performance, pressure balance, heat transfer uniformity.
Shenzhen Ruichang City Star Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of sales pressure cushion as one of the manufacturers, with first-class production equipment and more than 5 years of experience in the production of pressure pad engineer. So produced by the pressing pad durable, resistant to high temperature; more suitable for various types of circuit boards, circuit board, so that the circuit board is not easy to short-circuit and make electrical, machinery use life is longer. For details, please consult the calls to our hotline: mobile phone 0755-86372663 0755-85257585: 13682650425 we have the most professional pre-market after-sales service for your service, also can directly login our website: