Talent concept

Staff and personnel
Employee knowledge is the biggest wealth, talent is the largest enterprise assets.
Company personnel must embody the core values of the company employees, as long as it can reflect the full range of the company's core values of employees, regardless of their education level, different positions, types of work, gender, are the company's talent.
Germany to have both ability and political integrity.
The staff of having both ability and political integrity, is preferred; not only virtuous staff, cultivate the use of; non talented German employees, restrictions on the use of; non German employees, and resolutely not. To have both ability and political integrity, de less employee company to create a suitable for the development of their working and living environment, let them take pride in their company, long-term and stable work.
give full scope to the talents
A company to provide a stage to fully display their talents for each employee, the company not only need methodical, practical staff work, the need for a more creativeness agile, innovative pioneer.