Human resources

1.Human resources layout

Enterprise has stable and certain quality and the necessary number of manpower, in order to achieve the organization's objectives including personal interests, and to formulate a set of measures so as to obtain the mutual matching between the demand for personnel and possessed amount for personnel in the process of future development of enterprises.

2. Staff recruitment and allocation

According to the enterprise strategic planning requirements, recruit the right person into the enterprise, put the right people in the right positions.


3. Performance appraisal

It is the evaluation on person and working condition and working results from the connotation, reflecting the relative value or degree of contribution through the evaluation people. From the extension of speaking, it is purposed, organized to observe, record, analysis and evaluation on daily work.


4. Training and development

Improve employee's working ability, knowledge level and potential through the organization learning, discipline means, make the staff's individual quality and the working demand match into maximize, improve staff job performance improved now and in the future.


5. Salary welfare management

It is refer to the employees provide labor for the company then obtain all kinds of monetary and real reward.


6. The labor relationship

Worker and the employer (including all kinds of enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, institutions, etc.) establish social and economic relations in the process of labor.